Locating missing beneficiaries and heirs is sometimes easy when the family has kept in close contact and everything is to be distributed to known people. But sometimes it is not easy at all. There are a lot of situations where a beneficiary or heir search can be difficult. Sometimes a family member is estranged and moves away and does not tell anyone where they went. Sometimes the will says some portion is to be distributed to a person’s lineal descendants. Sometimes a beneficiary is an old high school friend that nobody else even knows.

So, an heir search is called for when the identity or location of beneficiaries or heirs cannot be easily determined. And of course, the trustee or executor or personal representative it is imperative that you can show you used due diligence to locate any potential heirs or beneficiaries.

Quantum Cyber Security and Investigations can assist in locating a person’s current location even if there have been name changes during their lifetime. We can also assist in finding unknown heirs or beneficiaries.

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