Criminal Records

At Quantum Cyber Security and Investigations, we search to find things that other companies might miss. Feel confident you are not only getting the most up to date information, but hiring a trustworthy person.

Driving Records

At Quantum Cyber Security and Investigations, we want to ensure you are hiring someone who can keep your company protected from a potential lawsuit due to an accident by verifying the validity of your applicant’s driver’s license and driving history.


Unlike background checks that supply raw data, we verify the information we receive so that the information given to you has been checked for accuracy. To the extent possible we exclude records that are determined to be other people with the same name. We remove dropped charges and charges where the person was found innocent. Our reports are in compliance with FCRA and DPPA rules and for your convenience, we do not include any items that you are not allowed by law to consider in your employment decision.

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