At Quantum Cyber Security and Investigations our investigators and forensics specialists leverage their real-world knowledge and skills with industry-standard technologies to find, analyze and preserve electronic evidence from computers, databases, networks and other digital media. They combine these digital forensic skills with accounting, auditing and fraud examination expertise to unravel the most complex criminal and civil schemes.

Computer Forensics

Our investigators can create or examine a forensically sound image of a computer system. This image contains everything on the computer including deleted files and fragments of files that are left behind when files are partially written over. It includes all internet search histories, bookmarks, and other evidence of the activities that occurred on the computer.

Our forensic specialists use this image to recover as much deleted and hidden information as possible using advanced forensic software applications. They can analyze the normally inaccessible “unallocated space” of a computer’s disks in their analysis. Whether searching for evidence, missing files and documents, illegal activities, or alternative explanations for what happened, all areas of the image are searched in order to get a complete understanding of the situation.

Internet Forensics

The computer image will also have a great deal of information about how the computer was used to access and traverse the Internet. Whether it is sites that the user has visited or what keywords they used to search on the Internet, the information is generally all there. We can also often determine how another person used the Internet to gain access to the computer or how another person at another computer is the one who actually did that questionable search or file download.

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