Hiring? Why Background Checks are Important


Thousands of people look for new jobs every day. In your company, you probably have received many applications for your job openings. While going through the applications can be overwhelming, you should be examining the integrity of every prospective new hire via background checks to avoid hiring the wrong employee.

As such, you may have to do an in-depth background investigation to hire the right candidate who will be the best fit for your firm. This article will shed more light on cyber security investigations and why you should thoroughly background check your employees before hiring. Keep reading.

Why Background Checks Are Important

Background checks provide more information about a person than is available on their resume. You can then decide whether to hire based on the information you get from the investigation. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 92% of hiring companies conduct a background check on employees before hiring. Here are the primary reasons why you should not skip this vital step:

Verification of Data

One main reason why background checks are important is to verify data. The inspections help you learn more about the applicant’s education history, employer history, and any other information that the applicant has provided.

According to a recent report, 85% of employers identify a lie or fake report after doing a background check. For instance, if the applicant says they worked for a certain company for five years, you may want to prove they are telling the truth. 

Improve Safety

One critical step to improving safety in your company is to do a thorough background investigation during the screening process. Some employees may have criminal records or anger management issues, which could harm your business.

By doing a background check, you are provided this critical information so that you can make an informed decision to hire the candidate. This step can help improve the safety of your other employees and your clients.

Recruitment Efficiency

It is possible to make mistakes when hiring and bring long-term negative effects to your business, especially when the application turnover is high. An employee background check helps determine the integrity of each applicant, making it easier for you to decide who will join the team and who will not.

Information From a Background Check

You can realize a wide range of important information from a background check, including the following:

Criminal Records

Has the job applicant been involved in a criminal case? Were they found guilty? How did it end? A person’s criminal history is a key determinant in the hiring process because you must maintain safety in your business. A background check provides more details on an employee’s criminal history, simplifying the hiring process.

Social Media Activities

Sometimes, social media presence and activity can reveal more about a person’s personality. What do they post about? Cyber investigative services can unveil more details on the applicant’s social media presence and help you make the right hiring decision.


Some people can lie about their education to get a job. By doing a background check, you can verify if the applicant graduated from the listed school or completed the specified training.

Employment History Verification

Like education, you should confirm the work history claims are true. A detailed background investigation can show how the candidate talked, tweeted or posted about their previous companies. This will help build a picture of whether they left of good or poor terms and if there is a pattern of unprofessional comments about prior employers.

Hire With Confidence Using Our Employee Background Investigation Service

Background employee investigations play a vital role in the hiring process. They help you verify data and choose the most suitable candidate for the job and the best fit for the team. 

If you need to recruit and are overwhelmed by the applications, Quantum Cyber Security & Investigations, Inc. can help with cyber-based investigation services. We are cyber-based investigators who use modern internet-based methods to conduct background research. We can help you unveil more information about a candidate before hiring so that you can make the best decision. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get started immediately.

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