Hire Smart With A Comprehensive Background Check


Hiring a new employee is an investment that involves time and money on your part. You want to make sure that the employee you’re hiring is a great worker, but above all, is trustworthy.

Nothing can hurt your business more than hiring an employee that either isn’t authorized to hold the position or has a less than desirable past. At McFarland and Associates, Inc., we perform an extremely thorough background check that covers a variety of areas.

Our company will search extensively into your potential employee’s past- including their driving record, criminal record, references, past employment, and whether or not they are legally allowed to work in your state.

If you’re concerned about gaps in employment, we can get you answers. We can also find out whether or not the potential employee is listed on a terror watch list or sex offender registry. This type of thorough background check helps ensure the safety of you, your other employees, and your business.

Not only do you want your employees to show up for work on time and do a good job, you want them to represent the company with exceptional character. Our background checks are the first step towards achieving that.

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