Heir Search? How a Cyber Investigator Can Help


When administering an estate, you may realize that you are unfamiliar with some named heirs or that some named beneficiaries are missing. In that case, you must act with due diligence to find them and ensure they receive their rightful share of the inheritance. With so many search options, you might be confused about where to start or concentrate your search efforts. Additionally, conducting the heir search alone might prove time-consuming and difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the subject.

If you are caught up in such a difficult situation, do not fret! Cyber investigators at Quantum Cyber Security & Investigations, Inc. can help you find missing heirs.

How To Find Missing Heirs 

There are various strategies you can employ to find missing heirs beneficiaries, including:

  • Contacting family and friends
  • Finding their last known addresses and writing to them
  • Contacting their recent employers (if any)
  • Confirming their existence with state or municipal authorities in Florida
  • Placing notices in a local newspaper for a couple of weeks

If the above search methods prove futile, an experienced cyber investigator can help.

What Can Cyber Investigators Do in Heir Search?

Hiring an experienced cyber investigator would be more time effective in locating the missing heirs. This is because they employ multiple approaches in their search, including:

Scanning for Their Details in Electoral Roll Data Online

The cyber investigators can request a voter file of the missing heir online to confirm whether they are registered voters in Florida. If registered, the investigators may note their information and then use it to trace their current location.

Using Customer Database

Business owners tend to maintain a client database to plan for the future and reach out to them. Registered cyber investigators can request access to these databases and use them to solicit the missing heir contact details (if any) and use the details to conduct a more precise heir search. Note that most businesses will only give you access to their customer database if you are a licensed private investigator in Florida.

Utilizing Credit Reference Databases

The cyber experts can extract the missing heir’s contact details from the credit reference database if their credit accounts are active. In other words, an heir’s active credit status may provide current, valid contact information that can be used to find them.

Using Civil Records

Cyber investigators also use civil registration databases for birth, marriage, residence, and death to establish whether they have changed their names and track their current location if still alive. Other strategies that cyber investigators may use to locate a missing beneficiary include investigating social media, user groups and clubs and alumni organizations.

How To Enhance the Efficiency of Your Heir Search

While hiring an experienced cyber investigator will hasten your heir search process, you can enhance the efficiency of the process even more by:

  • Ensuring you work with licensed and reputable cyber investigators in the state as it will make the acquisition of the research data more efficient. To gauge their competitiveness, you can ask them questions like their search process, search charges, past achievements, etc. Be sure to choose the one that seems fully responsive and has positive reviews.
  • Engage the cyber investigator early to allow sufficient time for a proper investigation.
  • Supplying the investigators with any relevant information about the missing heir you might have gathered earlier.
  • Discuss, understand and agree to the extent and costs of the investigative service being provided.

Tracing Your Missing Heir Through Our Cyber Investigation Services

Quantum Cyber Security & Investigations, Inc. offers cyber investigation services. We can help you find missing heirs and beneficiaries, even if they have changed their names during their lifetime.

Whether you know the heir or not, our experienced cyber investigators will use their expertise to ascertain if the subject is alive and their current location so that they can be contacted about inheriting their rightful share of the estate. So, do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a private cyber investigator in Florida.

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