Have Digital Forensics Merged The Gap in Today’s Corporate Crime Scenes?


Today, the field of digital forensics continues to undergo rapid expansion and development. Increasingly, it plays a pivotal role in supplying information about crimes perpetrated against (and sometimes by) corporations online. Firms such as McFarland and Associates, Inc., an investigative firm based in Sarasota, Florida, include divisions dedicated to cyber attack investigations. Digital forensics plays an important role in retracing and elucidating these events.

Obtaining Information From Electronic Devices

Much of the information analyzed by digital forensics experts comes from examining popular electronic devices. Personal computers, laptops, cell phones, tablets, notepads, and other gadgets sometimes harbor valuable data about cybersecurity breaches. Reviewing electronic records in conjunction with forensic accounting may yield valuable evidence about white collar criminal activities, for example. Companies and businesses which have sustained losses as a result of online incidents frequently request assistance from companies providing digital forensic services in order to prevent recurrences of attacks. Dissecting these incidents may also help managers bolster their security protocols.

Analyzing Digital Evidence

McFarland and Associates, Inc. offers digital forensic analysis and support services to assist law firms and other enterprises. Contact the firm at 941-256-8845 for additional information.

Helpful Resources:

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  2. https://mcfarlandpi.com/cyber-investigations/

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