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Topic: Critical Benefits of a Fractional CTO

Basic Security

  • 14 Character Minimum for all passwords.
    • Anything 8 characters or less is vulnerable to immediate brute force attacks.
    • Complexity – Must include: 
      • Upper Case Characters (ASDF…)
      • Lower Case Characters (asdf…)
      • Numbers (1234…)
      • Symbols (!#$%…)
    • Last Changed – Change at least Twice a Year best practice
    • A password phrase of at least 20 characters may be easier to remember
  • Businesses should use Premium Business versions of Anti-Malware software.
    • Premium Version on every work system
    • BitDefender or Malwarebytes are both good options
    • Make sure it is updated regularly.
  • Don’t use Gmail as your business email. Businesses should have their own domain.
  • Employee training at least twice yearly is a very important part of your Cyber Security plan. 
  • Monitor your internal networks and systems for alerts and changes. 
  • Avoid Public (Free) WIFI – Use a VPN if you must connect to public WIFI
  • Activate 2FA/MFA where ever it is supported

What is a CTO

  • A CTO or Chief Technology Officer is a senior executive within a company responsible for:   
    • Develops technical aspects of company’s strategy and vision
    • Ensures technology plan aligns with business goals
    • Advises on initiatives and procedures 
    • Develops Computer Use and Cyber Security policies
    • Contributes the technology portion of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans 
    • Technology assessment and planning for scalability, reliability, and maintainability 
    • Management of strategic partnerships with technology vendors
    • Management of risk, security, and compliance

What is a Fractional CTO

  • A Fractional CTO manages technology for multiple businesses for defined number of hours per week 
    • Duties will concentrate on the particular aspects and technological needs of your business
    • May share some duties and responsibilities with Managed Service Providers or In-House resources
  • Benefits of a Fractional CTO
    • Much more cost effective than a providing a full time CTO salary and benefits package 
    • Provides small businesses with knowledge and guidance typically only available to larger companies 
    • Broad experience across multiple industries and technologies
    • Flexibility to be focused on specifically on what your business needs
      • Policy Creation?
      • Technology Upgrade?
      • Security assessment and risk mitigation?
      • Software or technology vendor assessment?
      • Cyber Insurance Policy evaluation and application assistance?
      • Increase efficiency through the effective use of technology?

Is a Fraction CTO right for your business

  • Startups and small to medium sized businesses will benefit greatly from Fractional CTO services
  • Non-Tech companies that want to use their technology to the fullest or gain efficiencies through new technology
  • Businesses without an internal IT team
  • Businesses looking to pivot their focus 
    • Taking Credit Cards or using a payment processor like Stripe?
    • Storing PII?
  • Companies about to undertake a major project:
    • Implementing new systems?
    • Architecture upgrade?
    • Going paperless?
    • Looking into a new CRM or Practice Management software?
    • Transitioning to a cloud environment?
  • Businesses that need to create new or update old Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans and need help creating policies and procedures

What we provide as a Fractional CTO

  • Our team provides guidance and insight backed by 95+ years of extensive IT experience 
    • Development of technology strategy and vision
    • Technology assessment and planning for scalability, reliability and maintainability
    • Research and advise on new software applications and technology
    • Risk assessment and mitigation
    • Review and create IT, Cyber, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans
    • Cyber Insurance policy evaluation and application support
    • IT Security audit and upgrade guidance
    • Annual penetration tests and vulnerability analysis
    • Website and email compromise monitoring
    • Cyber security training for employees 
  • As licensed private investigators we also secure your business through
    • Background investigation of new employees or potential investors/partners

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