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Topic: Basics / Backups

Basic Security

  • 12 Character Minimum for all passwords.
    • Anything 8 characters or less is vulnerable to immediate brute force attacks.
  • Businesses should use Premium Business versions of Anti-Malware software.
    • Make sure it is updated regularly.
  • Regular, Off-Site backups of your data. Not just a copy in the cloud.
  • Don’t use Gmail as your business email. Businesses should have their own domain.
  • Employee training is a very important part of your Cyber Security plan. Training frequency should be at least twice a year.
  • Monitor your internal networks and systems for alerts and changes. 
  • Don’t Email or Txt PII

Backups – Data

  • Why Perform Back-ups?
    • Cyber Attack
    • System/Device/Server Failure
    • Accidental Change or Deletion
    • Compliance – Cyber Insurance Requirement
  • Best Practice
    • Frequency
      • Daily
      • At least 2 drives
        • One actively backing up
        • One off-line and safe from attack
      • More Drives = More Restore Points
        • Protection from drive failure
        • Protection from resident, hidden virus
    • Locations
      • Multiple Locations! Hybrid? All On-Site? All Cloud?
      • To the Cloud?
        • Easy save and restore
        • No special hardware needed
        • Data transfer may be slower
        • Data cap on internet service may cost $$
        • Doesn’t provide an air gap
      • Off-Line?
        • Once set up – simple routine
        • Provides an air gap – secure from attack
        • Will need multiple drives and a dock
        • Built for purpose PC – not a shared workstation
    • Media
      • Solid State Drive
        • Last 8-10 yrs depending on write usage
        • Faster
        • Quieter
        • Less susceptible to movement damage (no moving parts)
        • Lower Power Usage
        • More Expensive than HDD
      • Hard Disk Drive
        • Last 3-5 yrs
        • Susceptible to movement damage
        • Less Expensive
        • Slower
        • Higher Power Usage
      • USB Thumb Drive
        • Cheap
        • Not dependable for critical storage
        • Easy to lose
    • Testing
      • If you haven’t tested the backup – Assume you don’t have a backup
      • Confirm Write – Read – Restore
      • Most Cyber Insurance policies will require regular testing (should be policy anyway)
    • Fully Automated – Not Manual
      • Software
        • Example – SyncBack from 2BrightSparks.com
    • Security
      • Encrypted Data and Secured Cloud Storage
      • Encrypted drives in Locked, Secured room
    • Fully Document Your Backup and Restore Process!
      • Where are you backing up?
      • What are you backing up?
      • What is the regular backup procedure?
      • What is the restore procedure?
      • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
      • Provide training – not just a pdf

Backups – System Image

  • Why Perform a System Image?
    • System Failure
    • Quicker Recovery
  • Create a System Image via Windows functionality
    • No additional software needed
    • May require identical replacement drive
  • Create a System Backup via 3rd Party software
    • Can use a Block Based approach – more flexibility in replacement drives
    • Will require purchase or lease of new software and training on use
      • Example – Altaro.com 
  • Test Your System Images!
    • Confirm the image creation and restore process works
    • Confirm someone else can follow the procedure successfully

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