Dream Firms Talks 02/2023


Topic: Basics / Threats and Security

Basic Security

  • 12 Character Minimum for all passwords.
    • Anything 8 characters or less is vulnerable to immediate brute force attacks.
  • Businesses should use Premium Business versions of Anti-Malware software.
    • Premium Version on every work system
    • BitDefender or Malwarebytes are both good options
    • Make sure it is updated regularly.
  • Don’t use Gmail as your business email. Businesses should have their own domain.
  • Employee training is a very important part of your Cyber Security plan. Training frequency should be at least twice a year.
  • Monitor your internal networks and systems for alerts and changes. 

Password Policy – Best Practices

  • Length – 12 characters minimum
  • Complexity – Must include: 
    • Upper Case Characters (ASDF…)
    • Lower Case Characters (asdf…)
    • Numbers (1234…)
    • Symbols (!#$%…)
  • Last Changed – Change at least Twice a Year best practice

Password Policy – Best Practices

  • Length – 12 characters minimum
  • Complexity – Must include: 
    • Upper Case Characters (ASDF…)
    • Lower Case Characters (asdf…)
    • Numbers (1234…)
    • Symbols (!#$%…)
  • Last Changed – Change at least Twice a Year best practice

Password Manager – Benefits/Concerns 

  • Why use a Password Manager?
    • Biggest Risk – Users log into many sites but only use 3 – 19 passwords
      • Passwords are weak and are frequently shared (or share a pattern)
      • One compromise leads to other compromises.
    • Password Strength – To be effective, 12 characters or more that are completely random
      • Full words, caps at the beginning, symbol at the end, and reusing the same password structure make cracking the password easy. (GoBucs200, GoBucs!, GoBucs!FPL)
      • 20 Character, truly random passwords are nearly impossible to crack – and impossible to remember.
      • The same things that make a password ‘easy to remember’ makes it ‘easy to crack’.
    • Real Life Example – Department of the Interior:
      • Recent inspection of the Department of the Interior’s password complexity, management and enforcement controls revealed:
        • 21% of active passwords (18,174 of 85,944) were cracked in the test
        • 16% were cracked in the first 90 min of the test.
        • 288 accounts had elevated privileges and 362 accounts were senior U.S. Government employees.
        • The Department did not consistently use MFA including for 89% of its high value assets.
        • Password complexity was outdated and ineffective.
          • Password-1234 was the most used password.
          • 4.5% of passwords were based on the word “password”.
          • 5 of the 10 most reused passwords were a combination of “password” and “1234”.
          • Br0nc02012 was the second most used password. Very weak because it is a single dictionary word with common character replacements
    • Some online portals allow hundreds of thousands of guesses without locking the attacker out.
    • Password hashes can be guessed at 10s of trillions of times per second
    • Most passwords made by people are guessable within hours
    • Real Life Example – Akamai, Provider of Distributed Compute Platforms
      • In 2020, Akamai saw 193 billion credential stuffing attacks globally, with 3.4 billion hitting financial services organizations specifically
      • Password Cracking Speed_Perfectly Random PW
  • Common Options of a Password Manager
    • There are dozens of options available
    • May be Free, Open Source or Commercial
    • May be part of a browser
    • May have browser extensions
    • May be Desktop Client Only or Cloud Based
    • Some have Enterprise support
    • Some have family plans
  • Problems with ‘built in’ Password Managers (Browser / Windows)
    • Tied to a single browser or OS
    • Limited feature sets
    • Not the company’s primary focus
  • Features to Look For in a Password Manager
    • Create perfectly random passwords (must-have)
    • Auto-filling (must-have)
    • Password strength review (including comparing to other existing passwords)
    • Automatic notification of breached passwords
    • Can use MFA to protect password manager instead of master password
    • Password manager can simulate some MFA types for user logon
    • Clipboard auto-expiration
    • Secure notes and safe online storage of other documents
  • How to choose?
    • Do you need enterprise support?
    • Inventory your OS’s, devices and browsers 
    • Do you want to auto sync between all devices?
    • Look for companies with a long positive history and read reviews
    • Pick a few and actually try them out
    • Client or Cloud – Personal Preference
  • Risk/Benefit ratio
    • Single Point of Failure? Possible
    • Exploitation of Weak and Shared Passwords? Highly Probable
    • Password complexity requirements are so high that memorizing them is nearly impossible
    • Autofill helps defeat social engineering attacks
  • LastPass hack – What happened / Impact
  • Mention PI and Cyber Security Services and how they tie in


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