Background Checks Provide Employers with Peace of Mind


Companies have an obligation to provide a safe workplace for all employees. This is a requirement that cannot be taken lightly because the associated risks are too great. There’s a lot that’s involved in the process of recruiting employees, but one of the most critical aspects of the process is conducting pre-employment background checks. Regardless of the position for which the person is being hired, it’s incumbent upon you as an employer to ensure your due diligence by investigating their background. McFarland & Associates conducts pre-employment background checks so that you can have peace of mind when building your team.

Simply put, conducting a background check is a chance to mitigate risks by making sure that all of the information provided on the job application and resume is accurate. It also provides an opportunity to dig into criminal records to make sure there are no hidden issues. The reason why it’s important is because making a poor hiring decision has far-reaching implications that are more than just financial – it can become a matter of safety.

McFarland & Associates can search driving records, criminal history, credit, sex offender registries, personal credentials and more. We can issue a report that helps you to make an informed hiring decision.

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